Alisan Smart Agriculture

Smarter Fieldes Better Yield

With the advent of technology, industries all around the world are getting automated, and agriculture is no exception. Automation can proficiently moderate the amount of manual labour, and make farming easier and faster,leading to more agricultural growth and productivity.

Using ALISAN Smart Agriculture solution, we want to help farmers automate the operation of motor pumps in their farms using loT technology, so that they can operate the pumps from anywhere in the world with a single tap on their phone.

Alisan Smart Agriculture Solustion

Our Smart Agriculture Solution consists of a smart motor panel and the Smart
Agriculture app. You can easily install the motor panel and use Alisan Smart Agriculture app to operate any motor in your farm using a smartphone.

Alisan Smart Motor Panel

Alisan smart motor panel works with all kinds of agricultural motors. The motor panel continuously relays information about its working status to Alisan smart agriculture app in real time. Here are a few of its features:
• Available in single phase as well as three phase configurations
• Motor switching possible through the app as well as manually for flexible operation.
• Has a built-in contactor box enabling easy installation.
• Protected against all common power fluctuation issues.

Available Variants

• Single Phase support up to max 3.0HP
• Three Phase support up to max 20.0HP
• Special Three Phase support up to max 1 00HP


Alisan Smart Agriculture app is an easy-to-use mobile application that lets you operate motors on the farm from anywhere,
be it from the farm premises or outside. It can be downloaded from Google Play store or the App store to use alongside the smart motor panel.

• Ease of use – allows farmers to learn to use the app intuitively, without the need of any detailed instruction manual.
• Turning on/off the motors now possible with a single tap on the app. Instant response notifications sent to the farmer whenever an action is taken on the app.
• Features such as schedules, routines and timers to automate motor operation without manual intervention.
• Motor Health Dashboard – Displays motor health status in real time including dry run and overload status.
• Power consumption Dashboard – Displays detailed reports of power consumed by the motors in real time.

Alisan App

Alisan Smart Agriculture Fatures

Convenience For The Farmer

Managing large farms is now easier. You no longer have to walk back and forth in the farm
to turn on a motor. Quickly do it with a tap on your phone.
• Alisan’s Smart Motor panel comes with better safety and durability at the same price of an
ordinary motor panel available in the market. No more replacing components in the motor
panel every 6 months.
• Easily automate motor running operations on the app -With schedules feature, you can
set the motor to turn on automatically at preset times. Use the routine feature to run the
schedule everyday automatically. Set timers, so the motors are not accidently made to run
for longer than required.
• The app leaves no space for any confusion – You get a notification on the app every time a
tap on the app leads to an action at the farm.
• Optional feature of SMS/ Voice call notification available on request

Protection For The Motor Panel

• Well protected contactor with resistance to oxidation effects.
• Industrial grade power supply for rugged external usage.
• Motor health status displayed in the app in real time that shows overload and dry-run indications.

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