With ALISAN Smart Hotel portal, have complete control over all features of your smart hotel.
View the on/off status of all devices in any room at any time. Monitor any unusual spike in consumption promptly and minimize wastage of power in your building. Broadcast service messages to all your guests through the guest service webapp. No need to make separate announcements. You could also integrate existing PMS software with ALISAN smart hotel portal so the manager can avail features of both with ease such as check-in/check-out actions, room occupancy etc.

Centralized Control

Switches/Appliances overview. Control from anywhere.

Energy Stats

Energy consumption stats & power excess usage alerts.

Manage Services

Set service timing. Manage guest requests, update food menus, telephone directories etc.

Run Promotions

Create promotions for any occasion. Notify guests through the hotel service webapp.

PMS Integration

Integrate the existing PMS software with the smart hotel portal to ensure maximum operational efficiency.

Manage Role

Manage administrative roles. Delegate tasks and set access permission on each role inside the portal.


Welcome to Alisan Smart hotel, where hospitality meets the technology of tomorrow, where comfort, quality and high-tech luxury meet under the roof of affordability.

With Alisan Smart hotel solution, we want to provide hoteliers the chance to enhance their customer service and satisfaction with the power of Internet and lOT technology, and an opportunity to stand apart from the conventional standards of today.

Smart Guest Room

No App Installation

Smart room access is granted to the guest with an elegant guest webapp that can be opened with an SMS or an email link sent during check-In. No need to download any app from the Play store or App store.

Get rid of all remotes

Control all IR appliances in the room such as TV, AC and Set-Top box with the webapp.

Easy control of switches & plugs

Turn on/off any switch or plug in the room with just a tap on the webapp.

Play customized light scenes

Play customized light scenes such as evening scene, nap scene etc. with just a tap on the webapp rather than fiddling with different Switches.

Control with voice

Control all the appliances in the smart room with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Smart Hotel Services

Order food at your finger tips

View the hotel menu, check out daily specials and discounts, and order food with a few clicks on the webapp.

Convenient services

No more waiting for the room service.Schedule laundry, housekeeping and spa services at customers’ convenient timings.

Discounts & promotions

View promotions for different services with discounts, offers, coupons etc.

Timely Feedback

Customer feedback enabled everytime a requested service is fulfilled.

Itinerary Planning

Check out nearby tourist attractions, book cabs, plan trips etc.