Our Mission.​

The future of our society is highly dependent on technology, and we don’t want the common man to be left out. That’s why we create loT based products that cater to a wide range of users ranging from a rural farmer to the urban tech user. We want to make technology accessible for Indian consumers, so no one feels left out, both in terms of price and quality.

About US

Alisan Smart Homes is a growing company that is recognized as a premier automation service provider. We are highly competent system integrators with a one-stop shop for all of your smart home requirements. Our engineers examine all devices for compatibility and determine which products are best suited to your needs. We have developed a wide range of automation devices that play an innovative role in the smart automation sector after years of R&D, prototyping, and testing. These products are developed to function with Indian household appliances. To deliver you the greatest home automation experience at accessible rates, we design and develop everything with conviction, heart and intelligence. Our home automation solutions allow you to engage with your home or have it respond to you. To supply you with world-class home automation solutions, we are always looking for the latest in technology, creativity, and ideas. Empowering our clients with the ability to control how the devices in their homes operate with the sole purpose of improving their living. At Alisan Smart Homes we provide you with seamless control over almost all aspects of your homes. We work towards a smarter nation for the smartest people.